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last night was 2700 m in an hour and a half.

And I've come to the conclusion I've really got to pay better attention to my diet. 1200 calories a day when I'm exercising like this just isn't enough.
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5w (3r/2w x 6) 5c = 40m & aprox. 5K

It is very hard to run in 2 inches of new snow. Also, if I'm going to continue to do this I'm going to have to learn to spit like a boy. Spitting like a girl (with the whole little dribble down the chin thing) is just not working for me.
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5w (3r/2w x 6) 5c = 40m & aprox. 5K

Tell me something. If matter can be neither created nor destroyed, where the hell have my boobs gone?

edit: This makes 14km for the week without swimming this week (had a headache Thursday night and just went home and went to bed instead) and a total of 46km for the year.
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5w (2r/2w x 6) 5c = 34m & aprox. 4K

It only poured rain twice, however all the way back I was head to wind and really would have preferred to be on more of a run. < /gratuitous sailor jargon>

I didn't have nearly enough to eat today and my legs felt like lead the whole rualk. I'm all shakey and icky now. Stupid me for not paying attention to my diet.

The tub awaits.
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5w (3r/2w x 7) 5c = 45m & aprox. 5K

And my wonderful +12 has turned into a balmy -7 with icy little snowflakes that look like falling diamond chips. Cold as hell, but damned pretty!
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5w (2r/2w x 6) 5c = 34m & aprox. 4K

It is now 10:30 and it is +12 celcius. That is approximately 22 degrees ABOVE the average low for today. Doesn't anybody else find that a little bit frightening? (Not frightening, however, is being able to go out for a rualk in a t-shirt. Ok, going out for a rualk in a t-shirt in the middle of January in Canada is maybe a little bit frightening.)

**Edit - That makes a total of 16km for the week and 33km so far for the year.
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Only about 2000m last night, without fins, but it was a stroke improvement class <groucho marx> Like I need stroke improvement </groucho> and it felt good to focus on working my body as opposed to my endurance for a change.
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5w (1r/2w x 7) 5c = 31m & aprox. 3K

Oh, and apparently I've decided to go back to MSVU again and use my scholarship money. Starting tomorrow. Conflict resolution and mediation. Wow.
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Supposed to be 2900m in 1.5 hrs (partially with fins), but I think I only did 2500. Still not bad, considering she was making us do 300m sets, which is a whole lot of swimmin' in one set.
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5w (2r/2w x 7) 5c = 38m & aprox. 5.5K
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5w (1r/2w x 7) 5c = 28m & aprox. 3.5K

Which makes a total of approx 17km of movement for the week. Not bad. I'd like to do more though please. I'd like to do a minimum of 3x5 runs and 2 x 2 swims. for a total of... oh, I guess that would be 19 wouldn't it. Not *that* much more than 17. Ok I'll shut up now.
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2100m in 1 hr. Shorter time due to a half hour timed swim to set a benchmark on progress. 44 lengths in half an hour, or the equivalent of 1100 m. Wow. I did that? Apparently I did.

Girl TMI )
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5w (1r/2w x 6) 5c = 28m & aprox. 3.5K

Interestingly, thermals, fleece and a shell is NOT too warm for -6.

And, damn, there are a lot of stars.
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2750m (wimped out on one lap) 1 hr 45 minutes. Partially with fins.
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5w (1r/2w x 8) 5c = 34m & aprox. 4k


That felt good. But thermals, a fleece hoodie and a shell is overdressed for -4.
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Damn, I've sailed so much over the past couple of days I feel like I'm still moving with the swells even though I'm sitting here at my desk. (Oh, did that sound like a bad thing? It's not!)

Thursday I raced with Shane on his boat. (Sorry [ profile] fyremaven, nothing noteworth there) There were four of us and Shane was the driver. That left three of us. And I got to do FOREDECK! YAY!!!!!!! I LOVE foredeck. I haven't done foredeck since before I came on Thom's boat. Foredeck is the person who does all the stuff in the front of the boat. Attaches the sails, helps put them up, does all the stuff on the front of the boat for the spinnaker... It's SO INTENSE! I love it. I used to know how to do end for end gybes, but like I said, I hadn't done them for ages, so the first one we did wasn't very pretty. Luckily there wasn't a tonne of wind and Shane's a pretty good driver so pretty or no, it ended up ok, and they got better from there on in.

Saturday was an awesome race on DML. **Thinking** Oh yeah. We put the good sails on, had enough crew, it was super sunny, not a tonne of wind (more which would have been nice) and a fairly short course (which could have been longer) raced well... and hung out on the boat for a good long time afterwards.

Today was an outer islands race, so it was LONG. We were short on crew because it's not a "regular" race, and no Shane. Which was kinda meh... but that meant there was no foredecker... so guess what. I GOT TO DO FOREDECK ON DML!!!! WOOO FREEKIN' HOO!!! And I was frightened!!! Luckily there wasn't a lot of wind and Thom wasn't expecting to do well in the race (being super short crew and all) so he gave me lots of time to figure it out. It's quite different from little boat foredeck. On a little boat, for spinnaker runs, you have a pole - and one end attaches to the mast and the other to the sail. When you gybe, the end of the pole that's attached to the mast gets un-attached and re attached to the opposite side of the sail. Then the pole that was attached to the sail before gets unattached from the sail and attached to the mast. Badaboom badabing. That's called an end-for-end gybe. Dance me Loose doesn't do end for end gybes, they do dip gybes. The pole is permanently attached to the mast, so the pole needs to be unclipped from the sail, dipped down to clear the forestay and reclipped to the other side of the sail. I'm just about bouncing out of my chair even thinking about it. Sailing rocks. Sailing as a foredecker rocks10

And now I'm big time sunburned (despite SPF30) and have some wicked-assed bruises all over, am incredibly happy, and shortly I will be going to my swimming lesson.

Oh, speaking of. This week I ran/walked 5k three times, sailed hard three days, and now am going to my hour long swim lesson, and I am STILL gaining weight - even while watching my food intake. And I am going to personally stand up, hop on a plane and bitchslap the first person who tells me its muscle. With the amount of physical activity I'm getting in over the past couple of weeks I should be starting to look like Ms. Schwartzeneger (and I don't mean that big cheekboned chickie... I mean Mr. S's sister or something)


Oh man. Sunburn's starting to hurt. I bet the cold pool water's going to either feel great or like a real bitch. Were I a real betting person I'd probably put my money on the bitch part.

Ok, Gone.


Jul. 12th, 2005 07:13 am
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So, in continuing the exercise bag, yesterday I did the next part of the program and walked 5 minutes, ran 2, walked 2 (lather rince repeat 11 times) and walked 5 minutes. The kid and [ profile] fatty666 went with me (because he was bored out of his scull). Both of them did fantastically. This morning the exercise is catching up to me and my chest muscles are killing me from swimming. I think an ibuprofin might be in line.


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