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I just received my first notice that I am in breach of copyright laws because of a download.

So, a couple of things.

First, here in Canada you don't actually receive the notice from the people who are angry at you (in this case 20th Century Fox Film Corporation) because in Canada our privacy laws prohibit our ISP from telling 20th Century Fox Film Corporation who downloaded the offending material. So 20th Century Fox Film Corporation knows my IP, and they know through my IP that I have Bell as an internet provider so they send Bell a very stern letter for them to forward on to me. The letter basically says "Hi, Gina, we here at Bell have to forward this letter from 20th Century Fox Film Corporation to you, but we're not allowed to tell them who you are, so do with that what you will. (then...) Hi Mr. or Mrs. Criminal. We just want you to know that you've downloaded some stuff that's not yours and you're very bad and you should delete it right away or you'll go straight to hell, and nobody wants that. Yours sincerely, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation" And then of course, the same message in French, because we are Canadian after all, and we need to do everything in both official languages.

Ironically, I don't typically download a lot of stuff. I used to, but I'm old now. And I find that it's easier to pay the $2 or $3 and get it through legitimate (and virus free) channels. But the show I'm looking for - American Horror Story, season 4, isn't available through any legitimate channels. (The first three seasons are on Netflix - which, by the way, I pay for. The 4th season isn't.)

Oh well. Obviously I won't sleep tonight as I am completely wracked with guilt.

In other news, we dropped the kid off to University on Thursday. It's about a 2 hour drive away and I managed to make it through without becoming a blubbering mess. I believe that from the moment we left until sometime around 6:00 this morning she may have spent about 40 total minutes sober. Ah the joys of frosh week. Still, classes and volleyball practice start tomorrow so I suspect things will get a whole lot less crazy very quickly.

I miss her quite a bit but she's texting all the time and keeping me in the loop with what's going on (sometimes a bit too much, but there ya go.)

It seems like only yesterday she was teeny. In fact, Dickie and I were saying this morning it seems like only yesterday we were two crazy kids by ourselves in our own house and we decided it was time to have a baby. Now we're back to being two crazy kids in our own house again. Maybe it's time to have another baby? Um... yeah, no.

I say it doesn't bother me too much, but I still find myself tearing up over stupid things. We went for a drive today and stopped at a river to wade and watch a man throw sticks for his dog who looked a lot like Lucy. Cue blubbering Gina. I think I've had a lot on my plate lately, hell not just lately, 2015 has been the annus horribilis when it comes to death and other shitty things, and I feel like I'm coping pretty well. Except for the urge to bawl randomly.

In good news, we went Kayaking for the first time this year yesterday. The summer's gotten away from me. Oh well, there's lots more time to get out before the lakes freeze over.

Ok, that's the update for today.

I'm sure I'll be back again.


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