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5w (3r/2w x 6) 5c = 40m & aprox. 5K

It is very hard to run in 2 inches of new snow. Also, if I'm going to continue to do this I'm going to have to learn to spit like a boy. Spitting like a girl (with the whole little dribble down the chin thing) is just not working for me.
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5w (3r/2w x 6) 5c = 40m & aprox. 5K

Tell me something. If matter can be neither created nor destroyed, where the hell have my boobs gone?

edit: This makes 14km for the week without swimming this week (had a headache Thursday night and just went home and went to bed instead) and a total of 46km for the year.
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5w (2r/2w x 6) 5c = 34m & aprox. 4K

It only poured rain twice, however all the way back I was head to wind and really would have preferred to be on more of a run. < /gratuitous sailor jargon>

I didn't have nearly enough to eat today and my legs felt like lead the whole rualk. I'm all shakey and icky now. Stupid me for not paying attention to my diet.

The tub awaits.
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5w (3r/2w x 7) 5c = 45m & aprox. 5K

And my wonderful +12 has turned into a balmy -7 with icy little snowflakes that look like falling diamond chips. Cold as hell, but damned pretty!
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5w (2r/2w x 6) 5c = 34m & aprox. 4K

It is now 10:30 and it is +12 celcius. That is approximately 22 degrees ABOVE the average low for today. Doesn't anybody else find that a little bit frightening? (Not frightening, however, is being able to go out for a rualk in a t-shirt. Ok, going out for a rualk in a t-shirt in the middle of January in Canada is maybe a little bit frightening.)

**Edit - That makes a total of 16km for the week and 33km so far for the year.
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5w (1r/2w x 7) 5c = 31m & aprox. 3K

Oh, and apparently I've decided to go back to MSVU again and use my scholarship money. Starting tomorrow. Conflict resolution and mediation. Wow.
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5w (2r/2w x 7) 5c = 38m & aprox. 5.5K
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5w (1r/2w x 7) 5c = 28m & aprox. 3.5K

Which makes a total of approx 17km of movement for the week. Not bad. I'd like to do more though please. I'd like to do a minimum of 3x5 runs and 2 x 2 swims. for a total of... oh, I guess that would be 19 wouldn't it. Not *that* much more than 17. Ok I'll shut up now.
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5w (1r/2w x 6) 5c = 28m & aprox. 3.5K

Interestingly, thermals, fleece and a shell is NOT too warm for -6.

And, damn, there are a lot of stars.
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5w (1r/2w x 8) 5c = 34m & aprox. 4k


That felt good. But thermals, a fleece hoodie and a shell is overdressed for -4.


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