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I've locked myself out of my own journal. Once I've fixed that I will be back to share letters H (which I missed yesterday) and I.

I hate the iPhone for any posts that require any amount of typing. Bad things BAD THINGS!

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And that's good enough for me.

So C.

I'm happy for...


C is tough.

I'm happy for Cheese and Crackers! And Chianti! (Ok, not chianti for real. I don't like chianti. No. Wait. It's Shiraz I don't like. I'm ok with chianti.). I'm happy for carbs. And Canada! (My home and native land!). I'm happy for my Car that still works well and is paid for next week. And for my Credit Card that I'm behaved enough not to get in too much trouble with but it still allows me to buy silly stuff when I don't have any money.

And Cookies!

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Wow. Another cold sore. Universe you really hate me don't you.

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Hey universe, the cold sore is a nice touch. Thanks for that!

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I am sitting here working in the waiting room of the car dealership while I wait for them to change my oil and put on winter tires. There a guy sitting across from me on his second phone call about the expenses of one of his employees. Apparently she's been overtipping. She paid $3.00 on a $7.00 breakfast bill. He's asked two different people how to deal with it.

Hey dude. Here's a thought. Instead of whining about it why don't you deal with the issue. Why don't you TELL her your tipping policy and set some expectations and if they're not met then deal with it and if that doesn't work fire her ass.

Now I obviously don't know the whole story but by listening to this guy whine about how they don't listen to him and how nobody knows he's the boss (his words, not mine) I want to stand up and give him a bit of leadership coaching.

Sorry, I'll get off my high horse now.

(Update: now he's whining to whomever about how much travel he has to do. Wow. I'm still on my high horse at this moment but seriously, whay the hell did you take this job??)

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Sep. 19th, 2012 09:25 am
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My main computer continues to be borked. And for some reason it's brought my whole network to its knees so no connectivity anywhere except my lovely little iPad. (thank you iPad)

I was in Ottawa Monday and Tuesday which always exhausts me and I have a class tonight and The Kid finds out if she made the volleyball team within the next couple of hours and my stress level is beyond code red status right now.

I've made the wise decision to work from home today so m brain doesn't shatter and I can pfitz around with this mutha pluckin computer.

Or I may just sit and drink all day.

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Stupid fucking computers.

My fucking computer got a virus while my kid was surfing. The Kid is typically fairly Internet savvy so m not pissed at her I'm pissed at the stupid fucking anti virus software that I actually pay money for the is supposed to protect me from this shit.

I thought.... Wait now.... Waiiiiit now...

I thought I had it fixed and then went back to do a system restore but it kept hanging and buggering everything up. I just tried a system un restore and it didn't hang. I don't know what it did but it is the first thing that went right so far. I think I spoke too soon. Now it's just sitting here. Cursor. And a black screen. No start up screen. Bugger.


In truth I keep everything backed up. I'm meticulous with my backups. But even with backups its a pain in the ass.

I'll fuck around a bit more but when I bought the stupid beast it came with the software preloaded so I don't have any discs which makes it a pain in the ass.

I'll figure it out. I have no fear of that. And at the end of the day it will be only an inconvenience but, fucker, it's a pain in the ass I didn't need right now.

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I just got back from my exam. It had 3 questions - one was a bunch of multiple choice, and the other two were essay questions. Each was worth an equal third of the exam. The multiple choice questions were ok. The first essay question was one I was waiting for. Easy peasy The third question was for us to write an essay on one of the topics that she said was going to be in the multiple choice section. The topic wasn't included in the options for essays on the exam outline.

Now, let me say that I totally get that when you take a class you should, in theory, understand the material. I mean that's why you take the course, ya? But let me also say that when you're told topics A B and C could be asked as multiple choice questions and topics D E and F could be asked as essay questions, you make sure you understand A B and C so you can recognize a correct answer and you study the hell out of D E and F so you can write a couple of pages legibly and coherently. Or at least that's what I do.

So when you get asked to write an essay listing and explaining the 7 methods for A or the 5 theories of B, if you are me what do you do?

I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd answer with something along the lines of "I'm sorry, I can't answer that question. I know I should have studied it more comprehensively since it was part of the program, I can tell you that in the video that supported this topic the lecturer mentioned the last time she gave the presentation she only remembered 6 of the seven methods but she's doing better than I am as i cant remember any of them. As it wasn't on the exam outline I didn't give it the attention it deserved. What I can tell you however is.... (and then I proceeded to write 4 pages on every one of the other topics on the outline.)

Assuming I answered all of the other questions perfectly the best I can do is 66.6%. Unless she has mercy on my soul. I'll keep you posted.

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I'm racing to France in 7 short hours and I won't be sleeping for the next thee days. You'd think I'd be taking advantage of my bed and getting as much sleep as i could cram in but no sleep for me.

If you're bored follow me here. I'm on a boat called No Whoa. It's the Halifax sSt Pierre race.

See ya in a week or so.

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It's 10:00 and it's not fully dark out yet. Despite the fact it's been cold and drizzly I love this time of year. For me summer is from June 1 (because any earlier you're in May and May is spring) to June 21 after which the days start getting shorter. Lack of sun makes me sad.

On the upside it's 10:00 and it's not fully dark. It's not bright enough to read by, but it's bright enough to not trip over things.

Here's to summer.

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Day three of the earlier meme and because I'm on my iPad I can't copy and paste. So trust me this is day three's topic

I'd love to say all about the altruistic things that I respect in an individual but the truth of the matter is I'm selfish and shallow. So going with that theme here are the 8 things to win my heart.

1. Flowers. Love me the flowers. And if you can remember the kind of flowers I like you get bonus points. And if you pick them from the side of the road, even bigger bonus points. Anybody can buy carnations from the grocery store. Few people will pull over to pick apple blossoms or daisies.
2. Put your hand on the small of my back when we go somewhere - enter a restaurant, walk into a store. Don't be pushy, but it's nice to know you're there. You 'got my back'. A lot of people don't like that. But if you're somebody who already has my heart this is the equivalent of an insurance goal.
3. Remember something I said and use it another day in a conversation. You were paying enough attention that whatever I said stuck? You're in.

Wow. I'm running out of things already. Apparently I am a simple woman with few demands.

4. Wear a tie and be freshly shaven. That will not only win my heart, you better bring paper towel because my heart will be in a puddle somewhere on the floor.

Hmmm... Buy me jewelry? Take me on a trip? Neither of those things really. I buy my own jewelry. I'm picky and my tastes change frequently enough I don't want you to be offended if I don't wear whatever you bought every day. And I expect to buy my own trips. Or not. Either way. Those things would be cool but they won't melt my knees. On the other hand there is a full carat and a half Tiffany setting diamond ring I've had my eye on. I wouldn't turn it down, since I'm not buying that for myself any time soon.

5. Draw me a bath when I get home from work. Bonus points if you added bubble bath. Double bonus points if you poured a glass of wine.

This shiznat is hard. I'm not a difficult person to win over. Quite the opposite. But I can't think of anything that would really sweep me off my feet.

How about things that are a guaranteed way to not get my heart. That might be easier.

6. Be a smoker. I respect your right to smoke but I have this thing about smoking. It's not even that I don't like it (I don't) but I almost have a phobia about it. So that's a deal breaker right there. If you're a smoker, I'm sorry if I've offended you. I probably really like you. And you're a very nice person. But it's just one of those things. We can be best friends, but you're not going to sweep me off my feet.
7. Interrupt me when I talk and/or only talk about yourself. And finish my sentences. Especially when the way you finish them isn't even close to what I'm thinking. That's always nice.

8. Oh here's something to put in the other category of things that really do sweep me off my feet. Tell other people about me. Talk about the things you like about me with other people. That too will go far in making me all tingly.

There ya have it.

tougher than I thought.

Tune in tomorrow when I tell you 6 things about something else.

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Dec. 27th, 2008 02:09 pm
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Hi from my itouch.

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