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New hair colour. "Cinnamon Stick" and I love it. Note to self. Use this colour again. It's sort of a dark mahogany brownish with warm blondish red highlights. And there's nary a bit of purple to be found. Love. It.

It's plus 7 today. Got as high as 10 yesterday. That's Celsius. Supposed to go as high as 10 again today and up to maybe 11 tomorrow. The "normal" for this time of year is between 0 and -10. Yeah, what global warming? Apparently I've chosen a poor year to learn how to ski.

Oh yeah, I've started school again. I'd completed the certificate in business last spring and figured I'd had enough with the higher learning thing for a while, but a couple of months ago a course in Conflict Management caught my eye. It's during work hours and I didn't have the prerequisites to take it, so I figured I'd have a slim chance in hell to be able to take it, but I emailed the Prof, told her my marks and my work experience (this course will go nicely with work, btw) and Wednesday she responded saying I could take the course. The course started the previous Thursday, so I'd missed the first class, and it's from 9 - 12, so I'd need to take half a day off a week. I figured my boss wouldn't go for this, but when I asked her she said I would be (and I quote) a "ding dong" if I didn't take the opportunity - particularly since it's paid for by the scholarship that I'd got the previous year. So there you go. Whether or not this is the start of the second part of the Business Administration program remains to be seen. This course is interesting and relates to my job. The other parts of the BBA aren't so fun, and probably won't be as free. Well, We'll see. One course at a time.

And a doctor's apt yesterday was good. Nuff said.

That's enough rambling for now.


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