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Hey, here's a thought...

I was looking at courses again for the fall, and Saint Mary's University has this Exectuive MBA program that gives you an MBA in 2 years, assuming you meet their qualifications. It's a legitimate and respected program. It's totally intense, but only has classes on every second Friday and Saturday. I'm too late to make it for this fall, but if I focus on studying for the GMAT (required for those of us who don't have a Bachelors degree) this year, and start saving for the tuition ($20k a year - eeps), in theory, I could have an MBA before I'm 45.

Dang, you know, that sounds like a project that's worth trying.

ETA: Oops, so much for getting a href tags right the first time.
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I had my mediation exam this morning. Yeah, already. I'm finished. It seems like yesterday I just started. I don't think I learned much though. It was a bit of a twit class, even though it was a 4000 level course. The exam consisted of 3 pages, the first page was a paragraph which described a case between two individuals (who were married) who'd started a halfway type house and had decided they wanted to get a divorce and wanted to figure out how to still run the halfway house and see their kids. The second page consisted of 8 questions, of which you had to answer five. The first three questions were mandatory and were worth 70% of the exam:
1) List the stages of mediation.
2) Based on the previous case, what would you do in pre-mediation
3) If there was indication of domestic violence, what would you do

Of the ones you had to choose from I chose the following two questions (worth 30%)
1) Questions that begin with "Why" often put people on the defensive. Give your theory behind this.
2) Some other equally lame question that doesn't want to come to my poor aching brain right now.

I could have been finished in half an hour but I decided to big time flush out the answers, so for example, instead of just listing the stages of mediation a, b, c, d, I expanded each, gave reasons behind them, examples, blah blah blah.

The last page was a "self examination" (No, not a breast self examination...) wherein she asked us to judge ourselves - did we do all the assignments, did we show up for every class, were we prepared, did we involve ourselves in the discussion... out of 10, what would you give yourself? And this mark will go directly on my overall mark. Then it asked me what I would give myself on an overall mark for the class, and to justify it. So I highly expect that I've just given myself an A-.

I have to say, of the things I've learned, one of the biggest things is the fact that university does not teach you much. I'm fairly certain I could have written that exam 6 months ago and probably gotten roughly the same mark.

Anyway, it's done now. And I have a headache. And I see that I got paid a day early because tomorrow's a holiday, therefore I think sushi is in order. All in favour? Contrary minded, if any? Motion is carried.
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New hair colour. "Cinnamon Stick" and I love it. Note to self. Use this colour again. It's sort of a dark mahogany brownish with warm blondish red highlights. And there's nary a bit of purple to be found. Love. It.

It's plus 7 today. Got as high as 10 yesterday. That's Celsius. Supposed to go as high as 10 again today and up to maybe 11 tomorrow. The "normal" for this time of year is between 0 and -10. Yeah, what global warming? Apparently I've chosen a poor year to learn how to ski.

Oh yeah, I've started school again. I'd completed the certificate in business last spring and figured I'd had enough with the higher learning thing for a while, but a couple of months ago a course in Conflict Management caught my eye. It's during work hours and I didn't have the prerequisites to take it, so I figured I'd have a slim chance in hell to be able to take it, but I emailed the Prof, told her my marks and my work experience (this course will go nicely with work, btw) and Wednesday she responded saying I could take the course. The course started the previous Thursday, so I'd missed the first class, and it's from 9 - 12, so I'd need to take half a day off a week. I figured my boss wouldn't go for this, but when I asked her she said I would be (and I quote) a "ding dong" if I didn't take the opportunity - particularly since it's paid for by the scholarship that I'd got the previous year. So there you go. Whether or not this is the start of the second part of the Business Administration program remains to be seen. This course is interesting and relates to my job. The other parts of the BBA aren't so fun, and probably won't be as free. Well, We'll see. One course at a time.

And a doctor's apt yesterday was good. Nuff said.

That's enough rambling for now.
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5w (1r/2w x 7) 5c = 31m & aprox. 3K

Oh, and apparently I've decided to go back to MSVU again and use my scholarship money. Starting tomorrow. Conflict resolution and mediation. Wow.
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The following are the courses I'm considering for the fall. There's a lot of them, and I'm not including all the ones in religious studies or philosophy that excite the hell out of me. Unfortunately, there were no courses in spelling. Too bad.

The whole long list is behind this cut. Vote for as many as you find interesting or think I should be taking )


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