Mar. 13th, 2016

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A friend of mine had a medium party last night. (Think Tupperwear but instead of food containers she had a psychic/medium/empath person.)

For $30 you got about half an hour one-on-one time where she told you stuff (oh, to be clear, a when you have 8 people, at about half an hour a person, and you don't know many other people, it can feel like a LONG, party.)

I don't "not" believe in that kind of thing. I consider myself a very spiritual person, but I also think there are a lot of people out there who *think* they're gifted, but are either just kidding themselves or are quite gifted at being able to pick up on signals from others. I went into the whole thing not altogether skeptical - I definitely went in open to the possibilities - but I also was trying to be very conscious of my own body language. If she flipped a "you will travel long distances" card over I wasn't about to lose my shit or anything. If she truly had a story to tell me I wanted to hear it. I went with two friends, one who had recently lost her mom to cancer and another who had lost her mom a while ago but who is still having a hard time dealing with it occasionally. They had a lot of hopes for the evening.

When it was my turn she asked me to shuffle the cards and pick out 12, which I did. She put them down and looked at me completely confused. She said the cards told one story and my aura told another. My aura said I was happy and confident and the cards said I was sad. She said the cards suggested I had some troubles in my teen years (but really, who doesn't) She focused on a relationship card and said that I was trying to prove myself to somebody - a parent, a spouse, myself... (In truth, I think I am finally to a point where I am not trying to prove myself to anybody.) She did say that there was a dog trying to come through to me. It's been almost a year since Lucy's been gone, so that kind of pinged a heart string. Until she said it was a small black and white pug and Lucy was a large, red golden retriever. Meh.

The one thing she said that was relevant was that I had gone through turmoil in my job but that it was the place I was supposed to be and I would be successful. (But again, who hasn't?)

She asked me a bit about the other cards, why they would say I was sad when I was happy and we talked a bit about my relationships with my family and stuff, but she didn't exactly reveal anything to me that I wasn't already super in tune with myself.

Was she a fraud? Meh, who was I to say. Was it worth $30? I don't think so. I have a psychiatrist living in my head 24/7 (who, to be clear, I wish would go away most of the time) so I didn't need to spend $30 to have somebody tell me I was a happy sad person. Neither one of my friends got any messages from their moms. The one whose mom passed away a while ago only got information on the relationship with her husband and daughter. The one whose mom passed away recently was told her mother was there, but there were so many other voices that she couldn't hear what she was saying clearly.


I would do it again if I knew all of the people better, maybe.

But then again, maybe not.


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