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I have a love/hate relationship with time of year. I do NOT do well with the reduced sunlight and the lack of physical activity I get as a result of the shortened days - damn earth's axis, who does it think it is? On the other hand, I like Christmas, despite the unbelievable stress it brings me, and I LOVE the cocooning feeling the shit weather brings when you're stuck in a warm house in your jammies and the rest of the world looks like slushy/white crap.

I've had a hard time getting out of my own way lately, and I hate that. But I guess this too shall pass.

The structural announcements happened at work for my department Monday and yesterday and aside from the boss who thinks she's my boss (but isn't) who got moved to a whole new department, everybody's taking it fairly well. The official start date for the new structure is Jan 1, so we have a month (less holidays, of course) to figure out what the details look like between now and then, but it looks like it's going to be ok.

My last Adult Development class is tonight. Three down, 7 to go and I'll have a MEd. Another class in the winter term, and I'll try to swing a quick summer one and I'll be half done by the fall. Not bad. And then I think I'm done with the formal education for a bit. I think I'll look at spending that time volunteering or something. Mind you, that's a ways off at the moment.

Ok, I have to go pretend to do some work.

Have an awesome Wednesday.
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