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I'm on Facebook quite a bit. I can't help it. It's what I do.

Ya see, I get it. It's your Facebook. Or yours, or yours... Or mine. And we have the right to post about anything we want to post about. It's yours, post it. (Likewise here. Post away, this is your space!)

I have a couple of friends who are athletic crazy. This morning alone I have half a dozen posts about how they're doing this race or that marathon or this spin class.

Yanno what would be awesome!?!? If the internet (particularly Facebook) had a filter to filter out thngs you get tired of seeing. If you're tired of seeing pictures of kitties, have a drop down in a kitty post that says "see less about kittens"

I post this here, because I actually enjoy the friends I have on Facebook and I respect their right to do exercise and post about it. I'm just tired of reading about it.


I actually unfollowed somebody a while ago because that's all they posted about.

About 30 seconds ago I was looking through Instagram and BAM! There she is posting about her run and recovery food! When did she invade Instagram! Is there nowhere safe?
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