Jun. 28th, 2016 08:53 pm
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Silly musings really. Quite silly. But they're musings none the less.

Y'all know I sail every once in a while. I think I posted about this a couple of years ago. When I was sailing in Chester I happened upon the set of a sci-fi series I had just started to watch. The series was set in fictitious "Haven, Maine" and is filmed in and around the place I've spent pretty much every summer since I was about 10.

I stopped watching it when Netflix stopped updating it, but recently they added the last season or two to their lineup and I started watching it again.

So first, some backstory that I'll mangle desperately to the point you can't see the connection I'm making in my head.

I've raced in Chester for the past 14 or so years. Two Christmases ago our skipper passed away. One of the guys got a boat to "keep the band together" so to speak. (It's been hell sailing with him. He brings his two kids along and despite the fact that they're about 16 and 19, all they do is bicker constantly. I'm used to a skipper barking orders and yelling when something's not done right, but this is not yelling or barking orders. This is bickering and there's a difference. But I digress.)

Last year he raced in Chester. This year he decided to move his boat from Chester to Halifax Harbour, to the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron. (Please say that in your head with a serious snooty Boston Brahmin accent.) We've been sailing there so far this summer which is ok, because it's closer to home, but that's about the only good thing about it. Last race there were only two boats - us and one with a storm dodger and a barbecue. (God help us if we didn't win that one.)

Anyway. So. I used to race in Chester. The show was filmed in Chester. Probably less than a kilometer from where I sailed. The show is over now and I've just watched the finale.

In the finale, everything came to an end. A number of people died (as to be expected) and they moved a lot of the story from "Haven" to the unknown, beyond the void kind of dealie. The filming also moved. It went from a kilometer or so from the Chester Yacht Club where I used to sail, to about a kilometer from the Squadron. About 80 km or so from its original shooting location. Now, to be clear, at the time all of Nova Scotia had a great film tax credit, and most of Nova Scotia is near the water. They could have shot anywhere. The new location didn't require a yacht club, or even boats. It could have been anywhere.

Yet here it is by my new sailing location.

(And here is where in my head there's a kind of eerie coincidence. But unless you've been really paying attention, you've missed it. Sorry about that. Move along. Nothing to see here...)

To be clear, the show wasn't great, and the only reason I watched it was because I got a kick out of spotting locations I knew (and one of the actors was hawt) but I still find that an interesting coincidence.

But then again, it's probably also sort of like the fact that once you buy a new car suddenly EVERYBODY has the same car.

Still, it sort of feels like the universe is telling me to move on. I mean, Haven did, right?
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