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Happiness is when you come in to work an hour early, despite the fact it's freezing and they're calling for a snow storm and traffic is a bitch, because you have a teleconference with your boss - and your boss is a no show.

Actually, no, that's not happiness, that's annoying.

On the upside, my boss RARELY does this (where with my last boss it was more the rule rather than the exception) and I actually LIKE this boss, so I'm not exactly that annoyed.

In other news...

I got my nose pierced.

It was either a fun, kicky thing to do, or another step in my continuing mid-life crisis story.

Doesn't matter, it's fun regardless. And if I hate it, I can take it out. Simple as that.

The stud is ugly and bigger than I'll have in the future, but that's the piercing stud, so ya gets what ya gets, amiright?

That's all I got for now. Whaddaya looking at? You wanted more? Jeesh! You're give an inch, take a mile kind of people aren't you.

Ok, I'll be back sooner next time with another update.
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