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Work has been a bit crazy lately, what with disengagement and projects with unreasonable deadlines. Whatever. All that does is bring out the anxious social hermit in me.

Friday night Dickie and I were invited to a potluck with a group of friends that are a lot of fun. Nice, decent, good, fun people.

Dickie was supposed to go hunting on Saturday (they don't actually bring guns, it's an excuse to go out to the hunting camp and drink and tell stupid stories and burn things and do whatever else grown men do when they do those things) but his friends decided they were going to get off work early on Friday and go Friday instead. Since Dickie owns the camp, he decided to skip the potluck and go "hunting" instead. This meant I got to go to the potluck alone. Cue Gina's social anxiety....

I decided to be a big girl, since I'd already made something, suck it up and go. This group is a bunch of Cape Bretoners, (which if you're from anywhere but Canada doesn't mean much, but if you're from around these parts, you'll understand what kind of potluck it has the potential of being.) I brought enough for two drinks and planned on drinking my two drinks, eating my doritos casserole (SCORE [ profile] uawildcatgrl!) and bailing.

I went. Sat in a corner and tried to be social. (Remember, stress brings out anxiety and the hermit cloak in me.) I ate various potlucky foods. I drank my two drinks. And then somebody offered me another. And another. And these silly Cape Bretoners (and their dark rum and stupid drinking games) made anxious Gina go away.

However, I felt like such crap the next morning. I took two gravol and went back to bed and didn't get up until WELLLL after lunch. I got up, did about 5 hours worth of work that I needed to get done for the project with the timeline from hell, and then went back to bed again at about 9:30. I woke up this morning at about 7:00 fully, and I do mean fully rested, only to remember that the clocks went back an hour and it was really only 6:00 so despite being in bed for most of the weekend, I was able to stay in for another hour without guilt. (Though really, at this point, guilt-shmilt, amIright?)

So in summary: Friends got me out of my hermit shell and I got to sleep without guilt for something like a million hours this weekend AND it's only 7:45 on Sunday and I still have a whole day left of the weekend.

Not bad, not bad...
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