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I don't believe that horoscopes truly tell your future through the stars, but I do think that, if they're written right, they're a valuable tool to help your mind glom on to something it already knows but hasn't actually figured out yet. One of the better writers I've found in the past is Jonathan Cainer (and son.)

I'd gotten out of reading him for a while but I'm back,and this is today's:

You don't make mistakes. Or rather, you do, but the ones you make are not really mistakes! You make mistakes that you need to make; ones you might learn from, or mistakes that get you into situations you could never have arrived at if you'd been too sensible. The purpose of life is not to be 'sensible'; it's to be happy. And happiness is often a by-product of silliness! As Venus in your sign links with Neptune today, only if you see yourself as needing to compensate for past mistakes will you be in any danger of making one now.

Lately I've been thinking about my silliness quite a bit. For the past, meh, probably 5 or 6 years, maybe even longer than that, I've been trying to put a bit of a cork in my silly. Trying to be more professional. Trying to strive to be more leader like - mostly because that's what other people (mostly people at work) say I should do. On one hand I get it. To be a good, strong, leader one needs to be leader like. Duh. But I've come to a realization that one of the big parts of being a leader is being authentic, and for me to be stiff shirted and buttoned down, I'm not authentic. And I don't want to be a leader if that's what's expected. I won't be a good leader if I'm being somebody other than me.

Cainer says I'm spot on.

Thanks Jon.
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