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I've been taking this medicine called Vimovo to try to address some of the pain I've been having in my joints lately. It's a combination between an anti-inflammatory and something to protect the stomach from the side effects of an NSAID. (It's helping some.) I also had some blood work done yesterday, which meant I couldn't eat or drink anything before the blood work, so I didn't take the tablet until about lunch time. No biggie right?

I also have been feeling a little... Candida albicans-ish (don't look it up. It's TMI) lately so I took a dose of over the counter anti-fungal medicine, which typically isn't even close to a deal, let alone a big deal.

And finally, I was out getting blood work done, without eating, and then had some errands to run, still without eating. My sugar was low and I hadn't had any coffee and I had a pretty decent anxiety attack. Hellloooo my nice teeny tiny dose of clonazepam for just such situations.

Note to self.

That wasn't your smartest move.

Not sure if it was the stuff in the Vimovo that changes the way your body absorbs shit or what, but it was like I'd taken a handfull of sleeping pills.

I went to bed at about 2, roused myself long enough to make supper at 5:00 and then crashed on the couch until I went to bed. I don't remember much between 2 and when I woke up this morning.

None of the doses of anything I took were huge by any stretch of the imagination, and I wouldn't call myself a hypochondriac. (Reference: My doctor gives me the smallest version available of clonazepam - 30 tablets for the year - and I don't typically finish the prescription. And Vimovo is just extra strength Aleve with something to help coat your stomach) But wow, today I feel like a Heath Ledger wannabe.

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