Apr. 21st, 2016

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I've been following the TripAdvisor page for a resort in Cuba that I like. Today somebody posted this:

Hi we are traveling to Cuba for 10 days 4 of which we are thinking of staying in your hotel. looks very nice and unwinding which is what we would like to do, we are traveling with our 1 year old baby girl. as I read the description of your hotel is for adults only does it not allow young children is this correct? my concern is to have booster seats during restaurant visit primarily and changing table capabilities in bathrooms

I could see posting a question confirming that the hotel was for Adults only (things get lost in translation when you look at any number of different travel sites) but your concern should be "Is it adult only?" Not, "If it's adult only will I have problems accommodating my baby?"

Does anybody else find this... dum?


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