Mar. 14th, 2016

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Holy sweet mother of pearl I'm tired today.

Welcome to frickin' Monday morning after the time changes.

I shouldn't be *that* tired, I went to bed at something like 8:30 last night (which, to be clear, was 7:30 before the time changed.) I've just been totes exhausted lately.

I did a spin class yesterday and then took the hounds for a walk. May not have been my best idea ever. I've been feeling about 98% since my surgery (which was over two months ago now!) and I've been taking it relatively easy exercise wise. Still trying to get in 30 minutes a day of something - usually walking - but felt like it was time to up the game a bit. Holy crap my tummy's sore today. Just goes to show you you're not always as awesome as you think you are.

It's March break this week so it's very quiet out there on the roads, and even more quiet in the office. I think in my department there might be 2 or three of us in of a group of 8. I think I may work from home a bit this week. I'm in this week and a couple of days next week and then I'm out for a week to go to the Dominican with a friend. I'm ready to feel the sun and the sand. I've been trying to drop a few pounds to get ready for a bikini and I'd been doing great - was down just a hair away from 10 lbs. The Kid was home this weekend and the two of us went out to a local tavern and had a few drinks and some food and suddenly I'm up 4 lbs this morning, which is really disappointing, but with luck it and the last hair will come off before Thursday next week.

Ok, well, I guess that's all I got for the moment.

Y'all have an awesome week!


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