Jan. 5th, 2016

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My first MEd class was supposed to be last night.

As I do, I was at my desk with my phone and computer at the appointed hour, all of the material that had been sent to me printed out and in front of me. (Part of me is still a Luddite!) And as has become the custom in my world... I was sadly disappointed.

The prof never conferenced anybody in.

There were a couple of conversation posts on the class's page, and I emailed a couple of my fellow classmates and asked if they were able to get into the conference, but the only response I got was that she didn't think we actually used the conference number.

The material that was sent had provided a conference call number and had directed us to the class's page, and encouraged us to become familiar with it, but that was it. There was a post or two on the introduction page, but as far as instruction goes - nada.

15 minutes in I threw up my hands in disgust, turned off the computer, and went downstairs in search of the Standard University Required Alcoholic Beverage (SURAB), swearing to drop out in the morning.

Now, however, having looked at some of the other posts in the introduction page, it looks like that's the format. (Stupid if you ask me, but whatever.) It's sort of self directed and bob's your uncle. On top of that, the class contains at least 2 physicians and a psychiatrist, not to mention a shit tonne of other professionals, so there might actually be a chance for some intelligent dialogue, even if it's in news group format. And I can manage some self directed shit. In fact I'd rather that than listening to some moron drone away for 2 hours.

We'll see. I don't actually have to pay for the class until almost the end of the month, so I'll give it another couple of weeks and if it doesn't pan out, I'll take my own advice (a la the previous post) and tap out.


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